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Best Jobs in Kuwait for Foreigners

Are you considering relocating to Kuwait for employment? Or perhaps you already work there and want to change careers. Are you considering relocating to Kuwait for employment? Or perhaps you already work there and want to change careers. This article will teach you about the top positions in Kuwait for foreigners. There are many opportunities […]

Is the Cost of Living High in Kuwait?

  Kuwait has been known to have one of the highest costs of living in the world. But is this true? Let’s take a closer look at the numbers to see the real story. Cost of Living in Kuwait Cost of living in Kuwait can be quite high. But what does this mean for you? […]

Tips on Finding a Job in Kuwait

Kuwait is known for its wealth and abundance of job opportunities. But it can be challenging to find the right job. The advice in this post will help you locate the ideal position in Kuwait. It also highlights the different sectors that are booming in the country at the moment. Read on to learn more […]

How to Make Daqqus – Kuwaiti Dishes & Recipes

Daqqus is a Kuwaiti tomato sauce with exceptional taste and garlicky flavor. The best thing about Daqqus is that it is not too spicy. You can eat it with Kabsa or Machboos and Arabic salad. Another great thing about Daqqus is that you can make it easily within five minutes. Here is the procedure to […]

How to Make Murabyan – Kuwaiti Dishes & Recipes

Murabyan is a famous Kuwaiti dish loaded with rice and shrimp. However, it has more toppings and garnishing elements. Shrimp is very popular in Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries. You can flavor the dish with turmeric, sautéed onions, dried black limes, and coriander. Here is the procedure to make Murabyan. Ingredients A half teaspoon […]

How to Make Tashreeb – Kuwaiti Dishes & Recipes

Tashreeb is a staple food item in Kuwaiti households. It is healthy, nutritious, delicious, and flavorful to satisfy your taste buds. Most people serve this dish to guests during Ramadan and Iftar parties. Here is the procedure to make Tashreeb. Ingredients For the lamb, you will need the following: One kilogram of lamb chunks Two […]

How to Make Mandi Laham – Kuwaiti Dishes & Recipes

Kuwaiti Mandi Laham is a popular dish made with rice. You will cook the rice in mutton stock. However, it requires you to marinate the mutton in ground spices, such as ginger powder, salt, pepper, nutmeg, and cloves. Here is the procedure to make Kuwaiti Mandi Laham. Read on! Ingredients One kilogram of beef or […]

How to Make Margoog – Kuwaiti Dishes & Recipes

Margoog is a famous Middle Eastern dish consumed in numerous countries, including Kuwait. It has hearty lamb and flavorful vegetables seasoned with dried limes and spices. You will need dough discs to add to the stew. Here is the procedure to make the delicious Margoog. Ingredients Beef or lamb – wash and clean the meat […]

How to Make Maglooba

Maglooba, also called Maqluba, is one of the best Kuwaiti recipes to try at home. It is a delicious, flavorful, and aromatic dish with chicken, veggies, and rice. Here is the procedure to make Maglooba. Read on! Ingredients One large whole chicken or eight pieces – remove the skin Seven cups of water Two chopped […]

How to Make Quozi – Kuwaiti Dishes & Recipes

Quozi is a traditional Kuwaiti dish with a rich and aromatic flavor, thanks to the juicy lamb and vegetables, dry fruits, nuts, rice, and special spices stuffing. You can serve the lamb on spicy rice and enjoy the unique aroma and taste. Here is the procedure to make Quozi. Read on! Ingredients You will need […]