Top 5 Buildings to Checkout in Kuwait

Top 5 Buildings to Checkout in Kuwait

Kuwait is a beautiful country with its modern skyscrapers juxtaposed against ancient architecture that has been around for centuries. Whether you’re just passing through or plan to stay longer and explore the area, Kuwait has something of historical, cultural, and architectural interest to offer. From ancient fortifications to century-old mosques – and even striking modern buildings – this culturally rich corner of the Middle East offers glimpses of authentic history in its many remarkable buildings. So if you’re looking for an exciting place to visit while in Kuwait, here are our top 5 most fascinating buildings not to miss out on!

Top 5 Buildings to Checkout in Kuwait

Kuwait is home to some of the most incredible buildings in the Middle East, ranging from ancient fortresses and palaces to modern skyscrapers. Here are our top 5 must-see buildings in Kuwait:

  • Kuwait Towers
  • NBK Tower
  • Al Hamra Tower
  • Burj Al Shaya Tower
  • The Avenues Mall

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers were built in 1979, and they consist of three towers that stand tall at the height of 187 meters. The towers are a symbol of Kuwait and have become a popular tourist attraction, boasting stunning views of the city and the Persian Gulf. The towers also feature restaurants, cafes, and observation decks. Moreover, the towers are lit up in different colors every evening to create a beautiful display. You can even take a boat ride around the towers for an even more immersive experience.

NBK Tower

The NBK Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Kuwait, is a modern marvel standing at a height of 300 meters. This impressive tower stands out with its unique, angular design and its chic interior. The building is also home to a shopping mall, restaurants, and offices. This is the perfect place to get panoramic views of Kuwait City. You can even take an elevator to the top of the tower to get a bird’s eye view of Kuwait. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting Kuwait!

Al Hamra Tower

Al Hamra Tower is a striking skyscraper that is one of the tallest in Kuwait. Standing at 412 meters, this tall building has become an iconic landmark of the city with its unique design and observation decks. Al Hamra Tower is also home to many businesses, residential apartments, luxury hotels, and restaurants. This tower is the perfect place to get breathtaking views of Kuwait. Also, you can take a ride up to the observation deck to get an amazing view of the Gulf! This is a must-see if you’re visiting Kuwait.

Burj Al Shaya Tower

The Burj Al Shaya Tower is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Kuwait, standing at a height of 205 meters. This imposing tower is an architectural masterpiece with its curved façade and modern design. The tower is also home to some of Kuwait’s top companies and offices. It also features a shopping mall, restaurants, and observation decks. Further, the tower offers breathtaking views of Kuwait City and the Persian Gulf. Be sure to take a ride up to its observation deck for an unforgettable experience!

The Avenues Mall

The Avenues Mall is the largest shopping mall in Kuwait and one of the most popular tourist attractions. The mall features over 600 stores, restaurants, and cafes. The mall also features many entertainment options, such as a movie theater, an ice skating rink, and a bowling alley. It is the perfect place to shop, dine, and have fun! The mall also features an impressive architectural design, with its modern façade and glass ceiling. Be sure to take a stroll through this incredible mall while you’re in Kuwait!

These are some of the most iconic buildings in Kuwait, and they are worth visiting for their historical, cultural, or architectural significance. Whether you’re just passing through or planning to stay for a longer period of time, these buildings are worth visiting! Moreover, each building offers its own unique experience, so take your time visiting them and make the most of your trip to Kuwait.

Top 5 Buildings to Checkout in Kuwait

Why Should You Visit Kuwait?

Kuwait is a unique country that is home to some of the most impressive buildings in the Middle East. The country offers something for everyone, from modern skyscrapers to ancient fortresses. Whether you’re looking to explore the country’s culture or admire its modern architecture, Kuwait has something to offer. So why not explore the country’s fascinating buildings on your next visit? You won’t be disappointed!


The country is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the region, so if you’re looking for some rest and relaxation, you’ll find it in Kuwait. The country also offers a diverse range of activities to explore, such as shopping, dining, and sightseeing. So don’t hesitate to visit Kuwait and explore its notable buildings! You won’t regret it!

What Is the Best Time to Visit Kuwait?

The best time to visit Kuwait is in the winter months of November through February. The weather during this period is mild and pleasant, making it the perfect time to explore the country’s attractions. The temperature during this period is usually between 14°C and 26°C. The summer months should be avoided as the temperature can reach up to 40°C.


Overall, Kuwait is a fascinating country with many incredible buildings and attractions to explore. It’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the Middle East, so don’t hesitate to visit and make the most of your time in Kuwait! The country also offers some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in the region, making it an excellent place for both business and leisure. So don’t wait – come and explore Kuwait!

Bottom Line

Kuwait is a vibrant country with many fascinating buildings, attractions, and activities to explore. From modern skyscrapers to ancient fortresses, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The best time to visit Kuwait is in the winter months when the temperature is mild and pleasant. So why not plan a trip to Kuwait and explore its incredible attractions? You won’t regret it!

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