Top 10 largest employers in Kuwait

Top 10 largest employers in Kuwait

Are you looking for the top ten largest employers in Kuwait? If yes, this article is for you. Read this post to get the list and details!

largest employers in Kuwait

Research shows that Kuwait’s economy has boomed due to its sixth largest oil reserves and other industries, making it a prosperous country with a high gross domestic product (GDP). It has 90% exports in various sectors. Today’s article will highlight Kuwait’s top ten largest employers or companies.

1. Grey Wolf Oilfield Services

Grey Wolf Oilfield, also known as Precision, is a private drilling company established in the 1950s. It is one of the most prominent companies in North America and has substantial operations in Kuwait. The company expanded its operations through drilling rigs and corporate acquisitions in the Middle East with a primary focus on Kuwait.

2. Joyin Solutions

Joyin Solutions provide recruitment, employee assessment, and training services. It also provides outsourcing and consulting services to businesses. Joyin Solutions has built a solid reputation, providing companies with tailored human resource solutions, streamlining their operations, and generating higher ROIs.

3. HOT Engineering & Construction Co

Hot Engineering and Construction Co is the biggest construction and maintenance company in Kuwait, offering services to oil and gas, civil infrastructure, building construction, property development, and equipment rental services. It is one of the oldest companies in Kuwait, with numerous offices across the Middle East and thousands of employees.

4. Gulf Bank

The Gulf Bank has been in the financial industry for over 50 years. It is the leading financial company with an extensive network of 56 branches in strategic locations in Kuwait. Consumer, corporate, and international banking are this company’s primary groups and services.


KIPCO is another largest employer in Kuwait with extensive operations across the Middle East and North-Eastern African countries. It provides various financial, real estate, media, manufacturing, and education services. The KIPCO Group has more than 60 companies with over 16,000 employees.

6. Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait is one of the country’s oldest and largest financial institutions, providing diverse banking and financial services to individuals and companies across the Gulf region. In addition, it has over 30 branches in Kuwait, 43 in Egypt, and three in the United Arab Emirates.

7. National Bank of Kuwait

The National Bank of Kuwait is another financial organization offering financial banking and investment services. The bank operates with its extensive network of subsidiaries in various segments, including private banking, consumer loans, deposits, credit cards, and foreign exchange.

8. Kuwait Investment Authority

Kuwait Investment Authority is the Middle East’s oldest company offering funds to entrepreneurs and businesses. It is the world’s third largest wealth fund with over $700 billion in assets. It manages the country’s general reserve fund, the future generation fund, and other funds/investments associated with the Ministry of Finance.

9. Mabanee

The Mabanee is a reputable Kuwaiti company with five primary divisions, including real estate ownership, development, construction, commercial malls operation and management, and project management. Mabanee has made significant efforts to thrive and streamline its real estate investment portfolio.

10. Agility

Agility is a supply chain provider that aims to streamline sustainable operations and innovation in the industry. The company is the largest logistics company in Kuwait and the Middle East, with over 26,000 employees. Moreover, it aims to invest $100 million to support small-medium businesses via its platforms.

Final Words

Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the Arab region, with rich oil reserves. However, the country has also focused on various industries, allowing businesses to improve operations and generate higher ROIs. Anyway, these are the top ten biggest companies or employers in Kuwait. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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