How to Make Daqqus - Kuwaiti Dishes & Recipes

How to Make Daqqus – Kuwaiti Dishes & Recipes

Daqqus is a Kuwaiti tomato sauce with exceptional taste and garlicky flavor. The best thing about Daqqus is that it is not too spicy. You can eat it with Kabsa or Machboos and Arabic salad. Another great thing about Daqqus is that you can make it easily within five minutes. Here is the procedure to make Daqqus. Read on!

Table of Contents


  • Three whole tomatoes
  • Three whole garlic
  • Two tablespoons of tomato paste
  • Pepper – optional
  • A half cup of water
  • Salt


  1. Add all ingredients to your blender
  2. Pulse these ingredients to make them smoother
  3. Add the mixture to the pot and simmer for 60 minutes
  4. The purpose is to achieve the desired consistency
  5. Remove from the pot and set aside
  6. Serve with Kabsa or Machboos

Note: If the sauce is less spicy, you can add more salt and pepper to it. Remember, this Kuwaiti sauce has a deep, red color thanks to the tomatoes and tomato paste.

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