Top 10 coffee shops in Kuwait

Top 10 coffee shops in Kuwait

Coffee is one of those drinks everyone likes, and Kuwait itself is widely known for the large variety of coffee that you can find here.

Coffee shops in Kuwait

Coffee is one of those drinks everyone likes, and Kuwait itself is widely known for the large variety of coffee that you can find here. It all comes down to finding the right coffee shop that you can enjoy, and that’s why we created a list with some of the best coffee shops in the region.

1. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee can be a great pick if you want handcrafted coffee. They do have a variety of options and overall you will be quite amazed with the unique range of options you can choose. They also have a signature coffee too.


JUMO COFFEE ROASTERS has a lot of cool coffee options for you to explore and enjoy. We like them because they do have quite a lot of different options and the quality they offer is very good too, which does matter for this type of stuff.

3. Let’s Coffee

Let’s Coffee does an amazing job at bringing in a huge range of coffee options. To make it even better, you can also buy a multitude of coffee products too, which is always exciting and fun.

4. The Haz Café

The Haz Café is highly regarded as one of the top tier coffee places in the region. It’s incredible, it does convey that extraordinary and refined experience, while still pushing the limits and coming in with something creative.

5. Pjs Coffee of New Orleans

It’s a great place to try out all kids of coffee, many of which is international. But that’s the cool thing, you never get bored, and you will be quite amazed with the process and benefits all the time.

6. EAST Café

Unique, immersive and different coffee is the primary focus here. Many love going to EAST Café because they know they receive quality coffee that helps enhance their day.

7. VOL.1 Specialty Coffee Bar – Kuwait City

It’s one of the places that has a lot of customers and long lines, and you can see why. Their coffee is very tasty, super good and unlike many other options out there. That’s why you have to give it a shot.

8. Al-Muhallab Coffee

You can try out Egyptian coffee and a multitude of other options. You do want to test it out because it’s great and high quality, not to mention very professional.

9. Kaffa specialty coffee

Kaffa specialty coffee is one of those places you go for when it comes to specialty coffee. It’s high quality, it does stand out with its unique options, and they do create a large variety of coffees that you will enjoy.

10. Coffee Masters

The name of this business says it all. They really are masters of their craft, and you will be quite amazed with how many unique features and benefits they provide here. That’s the thing that really makes it stand out, and the quality is always going to shine.

If you want to drink great coffee in Kuwait, give these coffee shops a try today. They are different, unlike anything on the market, and you will be quite impressed with their specialty options and other features. Just try them, you are bound to enjoy the experience!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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