Best outdoor activities in Kuwait

Best outdoor activities in Kuwait

Outdoor activities in Kuwait

Kuwait is widely known for its vast range of cool activities. That’s especially true if you love the outdoors because it’s really fun and engaging. You will be amazed by the tremendous value and quality that it brings to the table, and the benefits can indeed be second to none. Which makes you wonder, what activities are ideal in Kuwait if you love the outdoors?

1. Visit the Failaka Island

This is a great historical location and you will have lots of stuff to explore. The island itself was abandoned due to the Gulf War, so it’s a very distinct and unique place that everyone will have a great time exploring and visiting. That’s why it’s well worth checking out, and you are bound to like it as well as its unique interior and style too.

2. Explore the Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are obviously an important aspect of the city, so being able to explore them and see them from afar is great. This is one of the cool, pristine landmarks and something that you do not want to miss.

3. Check out Souk Al-Mubarakiya

Visiting the Souk Al-Mubarakiya marketplace is great because you can find some rather amazing spices and herbs. There’s no fancy dining experience here. You will eat like a local, and that really adds to the experience and the results that you can get in Kuwait.

4. Explore the Kuwait Beaches

Definitely has some great beaches, like the Al Oqeila beach, the Messilah beach or the Salmiya beach. They are all visually impressive, and you will have an amazing time exploring them and enjoying the entire experience.

5. Dive36

Dive36 is great because it’s a scuba diving center where you get to learn how to dive and try out all kinds of interesting diving techniques. It’s always cool to try to learn how to dive properly, especially when you have dedicated professionals. And that’s where Dive36 shines, making it a great place to try out.

6. Kuwait Zoo

You have to visit the Kuwait Zoo too, it’s one of the top outdoor spaces in the city, and many people love it because of that. It’s great, it pushes the boundaries and experience, while offering something rewarding and engaging every time you choose to visit it.

7. Aqua Park

At the Aqua Park you have access to pretty much all the activities you want, and it’s very enjoyable. You will appreciate the quality and value, and the benefits as a whole can be downright interesting all the time. This is actually a massive aquatic city, and one that you definitely want to enjoy in all of its glory.

At the end of the day, there are a plethora of outdoor locations and activities you want to explore in Kuwait. We recommend giving these a try because they are very distinct, unique and they do stand out of the crowd more than you might imagine. It’s definitely something to focus on, and you will be more than amazed with the results and experience once you visit them!


  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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