10 reasons to visit Kuwait

10 reasons to visit Kuwait

When you want to visit a great place in the Middle East, Kuwait is one of the first locations that come to mind. Not only did Kuwait manage to grow from an economical standpoint in recent years, but it continues to impress with its incredible locations, things to do and stuff to see. Which makes you wonder, why should you choose to visit Kuwait?

1. Great food

Yes, local food in Kuwait is very distinctive, downright incredible and tasty too. People love the food in Kuwait because it really stands out with the natural ingredients and variety. That’s why you have to check it out for yourself right away.

2. Shopping have

If you love shopping, Kuwait is maybe one of the best places to check out. Here you can find some of the top retailers in the world, and prices can be rather good too.

3. Close to the Arabian Desert

Exploring the Arabian Desert and its beauty is amazing. There are many tours that bring you deep into the desert, it’s exciting, and that alone really pushes the experience to new heights. You can even ride camels here too.

4. Extraordinary beaches

Since Kuwait is right near the sea, you have many beaches like the Messilah Beach or the Egaila Beach park. All of these really stand out and provide a very interesting, exciting experience for all beach lovers.

5. Exploring the Failaka island

This island has ruins from 5000+ years ago, and it’s a pleasure to visit. Plus, it has abundant vegetation, and it’s a great place to take pictures as well. It’s certainly worth giving it a try.

6. The House of Mirrors

Yes, the Mirror House created by Lidia Qattan has only mirror mosaic and it’s a sight to behold. It’s one of those things that spark curiosity, and you will be amazed with the great look and experience provided here. There are more than 70 tons of mirrors used for mosaics, just to put it into perspective.

7. Visiting the Kuwait Towers

These towers are a sign to behold, and the fact that you can go in there and actually see the entire city from high up is amazing. There’s also a restaurant too, so you can even choose to dine at that height if you want to.

8. It’s not over encumbered with tourists

Yes, this is a great destination where you don’t have to worry about dealing with tourists all then time. It delivers a more personal and exciting experience, which is great for a tourist.

9. Architectural diversity

The buildings in Kuwait have a very distinctive style and they stand out when it comes to the authenticity and architectural design. They are also a pleasure to take photos of as well.

10. Hospitality

People in Kuwait are very hospitable and welcoming. You are bound to make a lot of friends here, and the entire experience will be really fun.


Kuwait is an incredible place to visit, and as you can see there are a variety of incredible locations and things to do in the country. That’s why it’s well worth giving Kuwait a try if you want to visit a new place soon!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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