10 best yoga studio Kuwait

10 best yoga studio Kuwait

If you want to perform yoga in Kuwait you are in luck, because there are all kinds of options for you to choose from.

Best yoga studio Kuwait

If you want to perform yoga in Kuwait you are in luck, because there are all kinds of options for you to choose from. The reason is simple, many people in Kuwait care about their health and want to stay in a very good shape. So yes, you can find a vast range of yoga studios to choose from. Here are some of the best.

1. Eternal Yoga Studio

Eternal Yoga Studio is great because it focuses a lot on a variety of yoga options. Their prices are fair and they do have all the necessary equipment in there too. It’s definitely one of those places that are worth a shot.

2. Vitrag Yoga

Vitrag Yoga offers onsite and online classes too, which is great. What you will like is the fact that they focus a lot on activity, staying in shape and flexibility.

3. Yoga Breath Studio

With the Yoga Breath Studio you really get to enjoy some of the top tier yoga solutions in Kuwait. Generally the place is not very busy, it’s safe to perform yoga here and the conditions are excellent.

4. Gofit With ARWA

At Gofit With ARWA you have a vast range of training programs to suit your needs. You will appreciate their true focus on quality and value, and the experience as a whole is excellent. We also like the fact that you are close to a variety of dining options too.

5. Studio 33 : your yoga space

Studio 33 : your yoga space is one of the better yoga options in the city and you are going to enjoy it. They are professional, and the locale itself is very well prepared.

6. FitnFab Fitness and Yoga Studio

FitnFab has Internationally Certified Yoga, Mat Pilates and Weight Loss Coaches with 25+ years of collective experience. The community consists of avid Fitness enthusiasts.
This venture was started as a means to improve people’s fitness and well-being and help them become disease and injury-free.
Do visit them for a FREE Trial!

Address: Yousef Al Bader St, Salmiya, Kuwait
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +965 6584 0234


At TRU3 YOGA you have all the necessary yoga tools and solutions to make the experience shine. It’s always a great idea to try out yoga, and it’s one of those things you will like quite a bit.


Many consider AYUR YOGA KUWAIT a great place to help you perform yoga and lose weight. You do have a variety of options to focus on, and overall it’s well worth trying it out and giving it a shot if possible.

9. P5M Studio – Alhamra Tower

While this is a more exquisite yoga place, it does convey a tremendous value and experience. People love it because it’s something different and a wonderful place to perform yoga. The views themselves are spectacular.

10. Yoga Breath Studio

What we love about the Yoga Breath Studio is the fact that it conveys a lot of interesting experiences, as well as online classes.


You will be very impressed with the yoga studios in Kuwait, and as you can see there’s no shortage of options here. It’s definitely a great idea to check these out if you are into finding great yoga moments to enjoy and explore.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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