Most in-demand Tech jobs in Kuwait

Most in-demand Tech jobs in Kuwait

Are you looking for a job in Kuwait? If yes, here is the list of the most in-demand jobs in Kuwait with relevant details for each position!

In-demand Tech jobs in Kuwait

The information and technology industry generates the highest salaries in the Middle East, particularly in countries like the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait. Digitalization programs and policies implemented by the Kuwaiti government have paved a path for investors and entrepreneurs to start and run profitable tech businesses. Therefore, companies in Kuwait need experienced and skilled IT professionals in the following domains. Read on!

Software Developer

A software developer understands various programming languages and writes effective code to develop a program, software, or application based on the client’s requirements. Software developers have the highest salary in Kuwait, making them the top tech jobs in the country.

Research shows that the average salaries of software developers in Kuwait are more than in Saudi Arabia and UAE. It is about ten times higher than Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. Kuwaiti companies need skilled and experienced software developers and are willing to pay high salaries.

UX Designers

Although most people think that UX designers have lower salaries in Kuwait, this is a misconception. Kuwait has made substantial efforts to develop technology parks with hundreds of companies, including SMEs and large corporations.

These companies in the IT sector need experienced UX designers to develop web and mobile projects. The average salary of a UX designer in Kuwait is between $2,500 and $3,000 per month. Experienced professionals earn even more than that, depending on their skills.

AI Developer

Artificial intelligence is one of the in-demand technologies worldwide. Research shows that AI will revolutionize all industries via improved automation and technological products that mimic human intelligence.

Kuwait is not behind in the development of AI applications and products. Many companies in Kuwait look for AI developers with years of experience in multiple industries, including marketing, agriculture, fintech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food sectors.

Network Engineer

A network engineer has the highest demand in Kuwait. A network engineer connects and manages various networks. However, they also develop network infrastructure for businesses in different sectors to streamline their operations.

In addition, these engineers work in a company to plan, construct, and manage networks to ensure everything goes smoothly and optimize the business’s overall bottom line. A network engineer also performs and controls the monitoring of data processes.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer, also known as QA engineer, is one of the highest-paying jobs in Kuwait. The demand for QA engineers has grown recently because companies in the IT sector need them to test software, web programs, and mobile applications.

The average salary of a QA engineer in Kuwait is between $3,500 and $4,000, depending on their experience, knowledge, and skills. Salaries also depend on the type of industries these engineers work in and the location within Kuwait.

Final Words

Although Kuwait has the lowest unemployment rates in the Middle East, the country needs employees for the IT sector. These are the most in-demand jobs in Kuwait, allowing people to leverage the power of the highest salaries, employment perks/benefits, and higher standards of living. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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